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boosting home value during an appraisal

Five years ago, my husband and I flipped our first house. That project was one of the biggest learning experiences of my life. We had to find our way through a complicated project without losing the money that we had invested. One thing that we learned about was getting appraisals done on properties. Unfortunately, we had to learn this lesson the hard way. We didn't have an appraisal done before we started the renovation and when we finished, the value of the home didn't increase enough to give us the profit we wanted. Since then, we learned what projects will boost the value during an appraisal and what won't.

Using An Appraisal Service To Determine The Value Of Your Art Pieces

17 February 2021
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If you have original or otherwise valuable pieces of artwork in your collection, you will want to be sure that you are aware of the actual value of this artwork. Otherwise, you may not take appropriate care of these items or fail to get their full value if you sell the art. While there are art appraisal services that can provide you with this information, there are some key factors that will play a role in determining the overall value of the artwork. Read More …